Gappy’s First Words


Spinlight Studio is celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas by giving away an app each day! Thank you, Spinlight Studio. Today’s FREE educational app is Gappy’s First Words. This educational app has beginning readers constructing 200+ three-letter words – 174 of the words following the cvc pattern. There are also 37 three-letter sight words included. Kids start with basic letter and sound identification then progress to making words. As they work through the app, kids earn parts to redesign Gappy’s house – with over 700 possible combinations. Parents can disable the music, change letters from upper case to lower case, and control the number of word lists used in the settings. I like that the app varies which letters (beginning, middle, end) of the words are missing in the easy levels. In the medium level, two letters are missing and in the hard level, all letters are missing. Kids are gradually learning to spell – nicely done for little readers. 🙂

Download link:

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