I’m Back!!!

Hello readers,

It’s been two years since my last post. My husband and I have been “on the road” so it became increasingly difficult for me to find the time to be looking for, reviewing, and posting daily articles about FREE educational apps.

With kids home from school, I thought it might be helpful for parents to have a list of educational apps to help pass the time.

Here’s a bit about myself and what my blog was originally trying to accomplish.

  • I am retired teacher/reading specialist with 30+ years of classroom experience.
  • Appydazeblog features good, FREE educational apps – apps that teach, apps that make kids think, apps that tell great stories, apps that spark creativity. 
  • Appydazeblog does not include gaming apps unless they are educational.
  • Appydazeblog does not include apps simply because they are FREE. If the app is featured on my blog, then I think it has merit. Act quickly if you are interested in an app because many of them are only FREE for a limited time.

Moving forward, I will also include information about previously reviewed apps that are no longer free, but good learning tools.

Bear with me as I clean the cobwebs out of my blog. Some of the apps that I wrote about two to five years ago, may no longer be available.

Thanks for being here.


One thought on “I’m Back!!!

  1. Thanks for being back. Was a avid reader of your app reviews. We do need you now and take it easy on yourself. One post is better than none, believe me I write a blog and it is hard putting out those posts.

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