Art Maker by ABC’s Play School

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) created Art Maker (for iPad) to go with the television program, Play School, which is the longest running children’s show in Australia.  If you search for this app in iTunes, it sells for $2.99. But… if you use this link not only can you can preview the app but the iTunes download comes up for FREE  🙂  – Play School – Apps – ABC For Kids.

Kids (2 – 6 years old) first choose a background from the 6 preexisting backgrounds or 16 colors of paper in the program. Or… they can use a their own photo – which gives this app lots of flexibility. Then kids choose characters and objects to add to their scene. They can create a picture, a slide show, or an animated movie as the narrator encourages kids to “get ready to move your toys and make some noise.” Creations can be saved in the My Art Section of the app to be shared later with family and friends.

Adorable, creative, and highly recommended!

Art Maker by ABC's Play School - Australian Broadcasting Corporation


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