Math Dictionary for Kids

This iPad app normally sells for $2.99 but was available for FREE when I downloaded. It is an excellent resource for students in grades 3 – 9. There are more than 400 illustrated terms with definitions and examples. Subjects covered are measurement, algebra, geometry, fractions & decimals, statistics & probability, and problem solving. The Quick Reference Guide provides step-by-step instructions for solving problems with decimals, fractions, multiplication, division, and percents. This reference section also includes: formulas, measurement conversion tables, and charts & tables on factors, multiples, prime numbers, square roots. Kinds of math tools/equipment and learning with manipulatives are also explained  – giving parents a better understanding of how concepts are taught in the schools.

I looked at the operations guide for multiplication to get a feel for how that operation was being taught. There were 7 ways of multiplying presented with examples: algorithm multiplication (traditional), break apart (similar to partial products in Everyday Math), count by (multiples), crossed lines (similar to arrays), draw a picture, and window pane (like lattice in Everyday Math) – quite a thorough list!  Because this book is not connected to any specific program, there could be some different terms associated with a particular methodology. Regardless, this app would be a wonderful resource to have at home when kids need help with their homework.

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Math Dictionary for Kids - Prufrock Press, Inc.


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