Resources for Computer Science Education Week: Dec. 9 – 15

There is a lot of excitement building up about Computer Science Education week which begins tomorrow. Check out the csedweek website @ The Hour of Code 2013 | The Hour of Code 2013 for lots of ideas.

The purpose of this week is to show kids the importance of computer science by getting them involved in an Hour of Code. Learning to code can turn anyone into a creator or innovator. How? Start by watching this video for inspiration – The Hour of Code is coming – YouTube. Try coding yourself. Then try it with your students. We are living in creative, exciting times – be part of it!! 🙂

Here are two fabulous resources to use:

Hopscotch HD

Hopscotch HD is an educational app that teaches kids how to program their own games and animations! Introduce kids to computer science with this app. 🙂 Kids drag and drop “method blocks” into scripts. When they are done, they can press play to see their code in action! Why teach kids coding? According to the developer – there will be about 1.4 million computer jobs by 2020 and only 400,000 computer science students. Many coders first fell in love with coding when they were  8-12 year old children. Hopscotch is based on a visual programming language named Scratch which was developed by MIT. It promotes STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) in a fun way – by making coding kid-friendly!  LOVE it!!

Hopscotch HD - Hopscotch Technologies


Khan 2

Khan Academy has a special activity for Hour of Code. Here is the link: Welcome to our Hour of Code! | Hour of Code | Khan Academy

Khan Academy – an amazing FREE educational app! Whoever said the best things in life are FREE was absolutely correct. With Khan Academy you can learn almost anything and the app is completely FREE! It has a library of over 4,100 videos which covers a wide range of subjects such as K – 12 math, biology, chemistry, the humanities, and more. You can use the app to review a subject that you have already studied or to learn something completely new! You can watch the videos online or you can download  them to watch offline at your own pace. The videos are subtitled so that you can read along, skip ahead, or go back. If you log in with your Khan Academy account, you can track your progress. The app gives you credit for watching the videos and allows you to see your achievements. Badges and points are earned for learning. Teachers can access their students’ data – as a class or individually. Khan Academy is an incredible resource for all kinds of learners – students, teachers, principals, home-schoolers, adults returning to school, and anyone committed to be a lifelong learner. It is truly one of the best educational apps available – at any price!

Khan Academy - Khan Academy



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