Toca House

toca house 2Toca House

FREE today – Toca House, another fantastic app for toddlers from Toca Boca. Kids help 5 friends do household chores – iron, sweep, sort mail, plant the garden, etc. There are 19 mini games in all. Kids will love the fun sounds that accompany the tasks! If your child likes the other Toca Boca apps, you’ll want to add his one to your collection today because these apps do not “go free” that often. This is another great app from a developer that makes learning what it should be – fun, creative, and joyful!

See my previous reviews for Toca Band, Toca Store, Toca Fairy Tales, Toca Hair – Christmas and keep reading my blog to fund out when apps like this are FREE. 🙂

Toca House - Toca Boca AB


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