DinoramaOn sale for $.99 – Dinorama, an educational game app. Kids learn about money and time management as they build and maintain their own dinosaur theme parks. They start with one dinosaur and a few visitors. As they earn money, kids can add additional dinosaur displays, a popcorn stand, a photo booth, etc. They are in charge of everything – buying food, keeping the park clean, selling popcorn, hiring employees. Kids learn to save for unpredictable events: rainstorms that affect ticket sales, crop shortages that raise food prices, and flat tires that maroon valuable tourists. Interactive features include: feeding the dinosaurs with your finger, hiring a tour guide to learn more, popping popcorn, inflating balloons, photographing visitors, and more. There are many fun things to do! There’s even a virtual bank where kids can earn interest. It’s no wonder that this educational app was named New & Noteworthy by Apple, an Editor’s Choice of USA Today, an Editor’s Pick of Common Sense Media, and rated 5/5 Awesome by MacLife Magazine. Very cool, very fun, and educational!!

Teachers – this app would not only be great for math but you could also use it to encourage journal writing. Have kids keep “the books” and write daily entries about the status of their parks. They also could make up ads for their parks. There are lots of possibilities for integrated learning. 🙂

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dinorama/id611016610?mt=8&uo=4


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