King of Math

FREE today only – the full version of King of Maths, an educational app for the middle school kids. All players start out as farmers. Their characters “level up” as they progress through the 10 levels of each game. The goal is to solve math problems quickly and accurately. The app covers 12 areas of math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, equations, powers, statistics, arithmetic, and mixed practices. I tried the addition section and was pleased to see a wide variety of questions. Kids can collect medals and compete against friends if they sign into the Game Center. The app is rated 9+ which means it contains infrequent or mild cartoon violence so check it out before you assign it to kids. But I suspect it’s violent because the game is set in medieval times. That being said, the app provides a lot of good practice (1200 questions) for older kids across several areas of the math curriculum.

Download link:


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