Make a mosaic

FREE for a limited time – Make-a-Mosaic, an educational app for creating beautiful mosaic pictures/patterns. The app has 3 modes: create a picture/pattern, vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry. The “create a picture/pattern” mode is for free play. Both of “symmetry” modes display a line of symmetry on the board. As kids add tiles to one side of the board, the app automatically adds them to the other side to create perfectly symmetrical patterns. What a fabulous tool for teaching symmetry in the classroom! Kids can really see what it means to be symmetrical. All modes have kids placing tiles (14 different shapes/14 different colors) on a board to create their pictures/patterns. The user can also change the background color of the tiles to create more detailed pictures. Creations can be saved to the camera roll. Once they are in the camera roll, they can be pulled into other apps to write about them. Teachers can also use this app to teach kids about patterns. Nicely done!

Download link:


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