GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic


FREE for a limited time – GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic, a challenging game of geography for kids. Each year the National Geographic Society prepares the questions for the National Geographic Bee, a contest open to schools with 4 – 8 graders. The national contest was started to increase public awareness, encourage teachers to include geography in their teaching, and stimulate kids’ interest in their world. GeoBee Challenge HD uses materials from the National Geographic for three types of play: multiple choice questions, a map challenge, and a photo bonus round. The multiple choice questions come from the library of 1300+ National Geographic Bee questions. The faster that kids answer, the more points they accumulate. In the map challenge, students must identify one of 1000+ locations on a map. Once they zoom, pinch and tap their way to the location, the app shows them its EXACT spot on the map and tells them how close they were. The photo bonus round is the most challenging. Students have to identify a photo AND know its location on the map. This educational app is fun for adults too! GeoBee Challenge HD gives kids lots of practice in a fun, fast-paced game – LOVE it!

Download link:


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