Brainfeed – Educational Videos for Kids


FREE (with in-app purchases) – Brainfeed – Educational Videos for Kids, a collection of 1000+ educational videos for kids (7+), tweens, teens, and life-long learners. The videos in this collection were picked by a team of educators from around the globe. To be included in the app, the video had to be: under 10 minutes, documentary style, curriculum-based, entertaining & engaging, visually stimulating, age-appropriate, and child-friendly. The videos are categorized by topic: This is Your World, Tech & Design, English, Arts & Music, The Human Body, Social Studies, Math, and Make Your Future. I watched several videos (Yellowstone Super Volcano, The Evolution of Life on Earth, Fun with Fractals, and How the Brain Works) and enjoyed all of them. The free version includes more than 100 titles – a great  introduction to what the subscription ($14.99) has to offer. Teachers, this app could be a great source of video clips  to supplement your curriculum. You can contact to request a discounted teachers’ version to use in the classroom. Parents, your kids (and you) can learn interesting things about the world in your home, on the road, or any place that has a 3G or wireless connection. And, new videos added each week to spark children’s curiosity about their world. What a great resource!

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