Looking for the perfect word? Check out Thesaurasize, a new FREE resource for teachers, students, and others lovers of the English language. According to the app, thesaurasize is a verb meaning: 1. to look up in a thesaurus 2. to completely ruin an essay by referring to a thesaurus for every other word, thus inserting words that you don’t really understand the definition of to make yourself appear smarter to the reader. I think some teachers may be able to relate to meaning #2. 🙂

Thesaurasize offers a quick way to look up synonyms for traditional and nontraditional words of the English language. The initial list of synonyms and the definitions came from the Wiktionary. The Princeton WordNet dictionary was also searched. So how does it work? Just type in a word and Thesaurasize generates a “clickable” list of synonyms with their definitions. The app also provides examples for many of the entries. Highlighted words within definitions can also be “clicked” for their definitions. Click your way to a better word choice today by using Thesaurasize.  And… it’s FREE!!

Download link:


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