Lulu in Polynesia


FREE today – Lulu in the Polynesia, an interactive storybook in English, French, and Portuguese. Lulu and her cat Zazou are taking a trip around the world in this series of books about travel/other cultures. Kids join them on their second adventure as they crisscross Polynesia in a double canoe. They will learn all about the Polynesian culture as they participate in a variety of activities: making tropical flower necklaces, preparing a Tahitian salad, catching coconut crabs, racing canoes, and more! Kids can also click on the characters to hear them speak, look for the little pink bird on every page, and play games as they journey around the islands. The app includes a map that shows where they have traveled. It also permits kids to go back to a favorite page or a favorite game.
 At the end of their adventure, kids can make postcards personalized with their own photos. I love the idea of this series – exposing kids to different cultures around the world. What a fun educational app for kids 3 – 10!

Download link:


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