Rocket Speller Plus

rocket plus

Rocket Speller Plus is FREE for a limited time. This spelling/phonics app for the iPad/iPhone is an extended version of the FREE app, Rocket Speller. This educational app reinforces letter names & letter sounds through a fun, 450+ word game. Kids join Zip the alien on an adventure to build a new rocket. As the child successfully progresses through the levels he/she helps Zip choose the rocket pieces that he needs. Once Zip has collected everything, the rocket can be launched from the space pad. The game has 5 levels that become increasingly difficult as spelling skills improve. Level 1 allows you to match & place the letters in any order with audible & visual hints.
 In level 2, letters must be matched/placed in the correct order with audible & visual hints. In Level 3 kids spell simple words (3 – 4 letters) with audible hints adaptive assistance. In level 4 they spell more complex words (5 – 6 letter) with adaptive assistance only. Level 5 has the most difficult words (7-10 letter) with adaptive assistance only. Adaptive assistance senses when the student is struggling and provides help. The app promotes letter recognition, left to right order, awareness of how letters combine to make words, and vocabulary.  Cute, fun, and educational – what’s not to love?

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