SlateMath for Kids – Kindergarten and 1st Grade Games

slate math

SlateMath for Kids – Kindergarten and 1st Grade Games is a FREE educational app with 38 educational activities that prepare kids for kindergarten/first grade math. I found out about this app from one of my readers. Great suggestion – it’s a hidden gem! All of the games are presented in a travel book so kids learn about the world as they complete the varied math activities. They travel to Scotland, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Russia, Spain, and Sweden – how fun! Skills presented include: counting, writing digits, ordering, addition, patterns, odd/even numbers, and problem solving. Kids are rewarded with fireworks when they answer questions correctly and helped when they miss questions. Written directions can be easily switched to 25 different languages. The app permits multiple users with each user’s progress tracked in his/her travel book. I love the travel theme and the variety of well-developed, age-appropriate activities that this app provides. Check it out! 🙂

Download link:


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