iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts

itooch 6

FREE for a limited time iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts. This app normally sell for $4.99. It offer exercises for practicing/learning  grammar, vocabulary, writing, and reading comprehension. The app has over 1500 questions which are organized by chapter. First, kids choose an area to practice. The app is set on practice mode when the testing option is turned off. Once an answer is submitted, a solution button appears for most questions. When pressed, it explains why an answer is correct. There is also a lesson summary available for each chapter. If the testing mode is tuned on, kids are graded & timed on their answers. They earn points based on the number correct and their time. If they do not meet the criteria for that chapter (4 out of 6), they can choose to “go back to practice” or try the test again. Other useful features of this app include: speech synthesis for kids who may have difficulty reading the problems and the option to adjust the font size. These apps can be used by multiple students and track their individual achievement – great for tutors and classroom teachers. Check it out while it is free. 🙂

Download link:


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