Math 42

FREE for a limited time – Math 42, an educational app for students in grades 5 – 12. Math 42 can be used as a calculator and/or a math trainer which makes it a great tool for homework and test prep. When a student enters an equation, Math 42 provides the answer and he step-by-step solution. How cool is that?
The math trainer section of the app has a training mode and a test mode. The training mode has 380 exercises per topic. After trying each exercise independently, students can access the step-by-step solution. What a wonderful feature to help kid understand the process! The topics included are simplification of terms, fractions, linear equations, quadratic equations, polynomials, derivations, graphic curve sketching, and more. The test mode has 5 – 20 exercises per test – depending on the topic. And the app collects data – a student’s progress over time. Color coding (red, yellow, green) help students and their teachers see strengths and weaknesses. Check out this app today!!

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