Todo Math – Complete Curriculum for Kindergarten and Beyond

todo math

FREE through June 26 if you are a registered user – Todo Math – Complete Curriculum for Kindergarten and BeyondTodo Math’s in-app purchases have been unlocked temporarily through June 26. Try the app’s 18 games and 31 missions for free before buying. On June 27, Todo Math will change to 3 in-app purchasing options. So… make sure you check it out while it’s free!

Todo Math is currently featured as one of the “best new apps” by Apple. It has 2 modes of play – missions or free choice. The app currently has 31 missions and 18 free-choice games – number tracing, counting, tallies, cookies, falling blocks, equation maker, word windows, patterns, quick addition, quick subtraction, quick multiplying, quick facts, little farm, same or different, matrix, days & weeks, train time, and ferris wheel. The app includes three player profiles with progress reports. The developer has also included special setting for lefties, a special font for kids with dyslexia, and an on/off help button. I wish they would have also included the option to turn off the music which could be distracting to some children. Early math concepts are leveled and presented in multiple ways. The app features activities for preschoolers through first graders.

And… teachers, the developers are offering a pilot program: “Classroom Pilot Program. Calling all Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers! Sign up for our classroom pilot program and receive Todo Math for free through December 2014. Go to the parent page inside the Todo Math app and fill out the pilot program application.”

Download link:


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