3rd Grade Vocabulary Prep


FREE for a limited time – 3rd Grade Vocabulary Prep, an educational app designed to improve children’s vocabulary. Here’s how it works… Before entering students’ names, teachers are asked to enter an administrative password. The administrative feature permits teachers to review their students’ scores and track individual student improvement. The app also generates a “most difficult words for this student” list so teachers can see where individuals are having difficulty. Once the student names have been entered, kids can begin to study. There are 10 words to study at each level. Kids click on each word to hear its pronunciation, meaning, and a sample sentence. I love that the words are used in context! They can go through the lesson as often as needed to learn the words. There are 2 quizzes to take to make sure that students are making progress. If a student misses a word on one of the practice quizzes, the word goes back in the deck for further review. A test must be passed (90%) in order to move to the next level. Teachers can send emails to parents that provide specific test results or that recap the child’s progress to date. Check it out while it is free. 🙂

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3rd-grade-vocabulary-prep/id416481779?mt=8&uo=4


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