Day One (Journal/Diary)

day 1

FREE for one day – Day One (Journal/Diary), an easy-to-use journal writing app. With Day One you and your kids can record life as you live it – with photos and text. Each entry automatically tracks time & date, location, and weather. You can browse past entries on a calendar, a timeline, maps, and more. You can also create tags and hashtags so that you can search your entries by keywords later. The app syncs with your other iOS devices using Dropbox or iCloud. There are also options for sharing.  How fun for you and your kids to journal about your vacation, journal about the books that you’ve read, journal about life with your new puppy, journal about summer activities, etc. Make journal writing a part of your daily routine then share with your family & friends – authentic learning at its best!  🙂

Download link:


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