Toontales – Caillou, Busytown Mysteries

toontlaesToontales – Caillou, Busytown Mysteries is a growing collection of stories, games and educational activities based on two highly respected Canadian television series for kids. The Caillou series is based on books created by Christine L’Heureux. The main character is Caillou, a young boy with a fantastic imagination. Each day he discovers something new and interesting. Busytown Mysteries are based on the books of Richard Scarry, a popular children’s author who has sold over 150 million books. The Busytown characters solve their town’s everyday mysteries by examining evidence. Kids are introduced to the concept of deductive reasoning. The Toontales app is FREE to download but the majority of the content must be purchased within the app. There is always one toontale episode and a few “Toy Box” activities unlocked for kids to enjoy before you make a purchase. I appreciate apps that provide a portion of their content to “try before you buy.”  So, check it out to see if it’s something your child would enjoy.

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