Sparky & The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms


FREE – Sparky & The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms, an interactive book from Cupcake Digital. This educational app is perfect for Fire Prevention Week (October 5 – 11) because this year’s theme is Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives. Kids read along to help Sparky the Fire Dog® and his friends solve the mystery of Aunt Dottie’s smoke alarm. As they read, they will learn about the importance of working smoke alarms, what to do when a smoke alarm sounds, and how to plan an escape. There are also fire safety tips and fun interactions woven through the story. The story is narrated with highlighted text for emerging readers. The narration can be muted for kids who want to read the story on their own. The app also includes a game and a sing-along music video.

At the end of the story, there are resources for adults. There are two sets of questions about the story. The “Let’s Talk About” questions address literal understanding of the story. The “Let’s Think About” questions address extended meaning. The Parents’ Page connects adults to a collection of fire safety resources. The Teacher Page gives suggestions for using the app in the classroom. There is a page with information about the Common Core Standards addressed by the app. Print-outs and activities to supplement the story are available online at Sparky Home | Sparky The Fire DogWhat is not to love about this educational app? It seems to have it all – a cute story packed with interactivity, a great message about fire safety, a game, a sing-along video, connections to CCSS, and a guide for adults!

Download link:


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