Toca Robot Lab

FREE for limited time – Toca Robot Lab, another imaginative, educational app from Toca Boca. Kids create robots by mixing & matching scrap parts and pieces of junk. They choose the legs, trunks, heads, and arms for their robots. Three different suggestions are given for each body part – pencils, fans, parts of coffee machines, tape recorders, etc. Once the robot is assembled kids test it in the lab. They drag the robot to make it fly through a maze that has three hidden stars for kids to collect. The goal is to deliver the robot to the big magnet to receive a test report. Then they can start the creating again!

I love the that Toca Boca apps encourage kids to use their imaginations. A parent or teacher can challenge kids to think and talk about what their robots can do based on their parts. They could screen shot the creation of the robot in sequence then pull the pictures into another app for kids to write or talk about. Once he final arm is added, the robot flies into the lab. I wish there was an option to get a picture of the final creation before that happens. It would be fun to have pictures so kids could explain their thinking or compare & contrast their creations. Toca Robot Lab is another fun app from Toca Boca! 🙂

Download link:


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