Shiny Kids Preschool Learning Pack

On sale for only $1.99 – Shiny Kids Preschool Learning Pack. This bundle has three great apps for preschoolers which can also purchased individually for $.99.


Shiny Bakery is an educational app for 2 – 5 year olds. Kids help Alice the Zebra bake then decorate cakes & cookies in her bakery. As they help, they are developing early number sense – counting, measuring, dividing, and sequencing. There is a lot of educational content packed into this fun little app. 1. Math: Kids learns to count as they add ingredients to the bowl. 2. Following directions (recipes): Kids will develop an understanding of following step-by-step directions. 3. Cause/effect: What happens when you add fish or a shoe to the cake mix? 4. Sharing/dividing: Kids have to divide the cake/share cookies equally to keep all of the customers happy because the emotions of customers vary according to what they receive. 5. Problem solving: If kids make a mistake they can try again. Shiny Kids apps are best  experienced through co-play. Parents are encouraged to play with their child and talk about their experiences – reading customers’ emotions, solving problems, sharing equally, etc. Nicely done app!

Download link:


Shiny Party – Shapes & Colors is a math app for preschoolers. Charlie the monkey and Alice the giraffe are getting ready for their friend’s surprise birthday party. Kids learn about basic geometric shapes as they help. They find matching shapes, do shape puzzles, build cupcakes – all within the context of the story. All activities are age appropriate. I would make one little tweak to the content… the app teaches kids that a square has 4 sides rather than 4 equal sides. This educational app is great – colorful with adorable characters. Also, you can take a picture of your child with the characters and save it to your photos – a really cute feature. Nicely done and fun for little ones!

Download link:


Shiny Circus is another fun app for preschoolers. Charlie, Alice, and Ralph are off on a new adventure as they go to the circus. Charlie the monkey joins the fun. Kids help by dressing the clowns, adjusting the steps, balancing the load for a unicycle, and more. As they help they are learning about math concepts – ordering, comparing, balancing, weight, mass, and more. The app has two modes: story mode and game mode. Check out this fun learning app from Shiny Things!

Download link:


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