Brain Chain

brain chain

FREE today – Brain Chain, fun rhyming puzzles for kids of all ages. Each puzzle graphically represents two words that don’t necessarily go together; but, they rhyme. The letters needed to solve the puzzle are shown along the bottom. Just tap the letters in the correct order to solve the rhyme. Points are awarded for each puzzle that is completed correctly. If a player needs a hint, he/she can buy one with points. The first two puzzle sets are free. Additional sets can be unlocked with the player’s points or with in-app purchases. Kids will discover that some rhyming words look-alike (because of their spelling) and some rhyming words only sound alike. It would be fun to use these puzzles with kids then have them make up some of their own. 🙂 They remind me of hinky-pinky riddles which were always great for teaching kids about rhyming & syllables.

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