Funny Jokes Storybook

FREE for a limited time – Funny Jokes Storybook. All of the jokes are riddles. They are narrated by children or kids can also choose to read the riddles on their own. Each riddle is presented on two pages: question page followed by the answer page. This arrangement is great because kids can think about the questions then guess the answers. The riddles are kid appropriate – great for kids 8+ who are beginning to understand word play. Here is an example: How was the Roman Empire cut in half? With a pair of Caesars. đŸ™‚ I have always been a fan of riddles. They make kids think – brain exercise for elementary-aged kids with a smile or two along the way.

Download link:

Also FREE for a limited time from the same developer – Tongue Twisters Read-Along For Kids

Download link:


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