3 FREE Apps from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

equivalent fractionsFrom the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics comes a FREE app called Equivalent Fractions. Kids create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading squares or circles. Circles can be divided into 24ths. Squares can be divided into 144ths. In the play mode, a fraction is shown and kids must create 2 additional fractions that are equivalent. All 3 fractions must have different denominators. The app also places the fractions on a number line – a great visual for comparing! There is also a “build your own” mode which would be fabulous to use for guided exploration & practice. Kids could also use this section as a virtual manipulative when working independently. This app is an excellent resource for the classroom!

Common Core Standards met:

  • 3.NF.3 – Explain equivalence of fractions and compare fractions by reasoning about their size. Understand two fractions as equivalent (equal) if they are the same size, or the same point on a number line. Recognize and generate simple equivalent fractions, e.g., 1/2 = 2/4, 4/6 = 2/3). Explain why the fractions are equivalent, e.g., by using a visual fraction model.

Equivalent Fractions - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Pick a PathPick-a-Path is another FREE math game from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Kids help Okta the octopus reach a target number by choosing the best path from the top maze to the bottom of a maze. There are 7 different levels with 7 puzzles in each level. The puzzles start with basic operations then move to fractions, negative numbers, decimals, and other more difficult skills. Kids have to plan out a strategy to reach the target which can be a specific value, a minimum value, or a maximum value. This app provides a lot of good skills practice. And… as an extra added bonus, kids have to think of a strategy!

Pick-a-Path - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Math concentration

Math Concentration was developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for students from preschool through fifth grade. It’s a classic matching game that can be played by one or two players. There are six levels of play – numbers 1- 6, numbers 1 – 10, shapes, multiplication, fractions, and percentages & fractions. In all levels, numbers are represented in different ways – written names, digits, pictures, etc. The game also has two modes – a transparent board (for younger students) or a fully covered board. The game is simple to play and kids earn socks for completing all of the matches on the board. 🙂

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-concentration/id458437534?mt=8&uo=4


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