Stick Around by Tony Vincent & MorrisCooke

stick aroundFREE today – Stick Around by Tony Vincent & MorrisCooke, an educational app that enables you to design and share your own learning puzzles. The app comes with eight puzzles: parts of speech, water cycle, rock categorizing, cell biology, states, ordering decimals, planets, and Mount Rushmore.  Play with them to discover how app works. Then start thinking of how the app might be utilized for the subjects that you teach. Stick Around is open-ended & suited for all levels of learning.

Puzzles are created in 3 easy steps: make a background, add stickers with text or images, make an answer key. Audio instructions and/or a timer can also be included. The app features several templates to get your started: Venn diagram, two columns, definitions, grid, sequencing, smallest to largest, largest to smallest, and timeline. Or, you can start with a blank page and create your own background. You can also import projects made with Explain Everything™ and turn them into puzzles. Finished projects can be exported to Dropbox, GDrive, WebDAV & email for sharing. Want to see how your students did? Have them take a screen shot of their completed puzzle. The app tracks the time and number of attempts. LOVE this app – you can tell it was developed by educators. 🙂

Download link:


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