Buildo Museum Sticker Book & Buildo History Sticker Book

FREE – the trial versions of Buildo Museum Sticker Book and Buildo History Sticker Book, spooky sticker books inspired by ancient museums. Included with each FREE version is one scene. The full versions are available with in-app purchases and they include three scenes with 100 + stickers of paintings, statues, security guards, visitors, rascals, ghosts, monsters, vampires, etc. Both apps also feature panoramic backgrounds with interactive sounds. Kids can scale, rotate and flip stickers to create a scene for oral stories. The goal of the Buildo series is to get kids to thinking about creative story telling. Use these virtual sticker books to start creating oral stories today.

Buildo Museum Sticker Book:

Buildo Museum Sticker Book - JAJDO AB

Buildo History Sticker Book:

Buildo History Sticker Book - JAJDO AB


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