Decide Now!


FREE today – Decide Now! This app is billed as an entertainment app that helps you make a choice when it’s hard to decide. However, the app would be great for teachers and/or parents to use with kids. The app comes with ten predefined wheel templates, titles like: 15 minute ideas, dessert to make, stocks to buy, etc. None of predefined templates are particularly suited for kids. But the beauty of the app is the ability to fully customize it. All of the templates can be erased and replaced with your own ideas. And if ten templates are not enough, you can add more! I made a wheel called Whose Turn? (see above image) which would be great for calling on students. I easily renamed a template and added thirty names. This app could be used for a wide variety of things: genre of book to read, class rewards, good behavior rewards, etc. Teachers could also use it for review games: define this word, write words from this word family, tell about this geometric shape, etc. Parents can use it in a variety of ways too – pick a job, practice time, good behavior awards, etc. This app can be used with kids in so many ways. And they will love the sights and the sounds of the spinning wheel. Check it out!!

Download link:!/id383718755?mt=8&uo=4


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