Paper Camera

Paper Camera

FREE again – Paper Camera, an app that permits you to add special effects to your photos as you are taking the picture. Just open the app, choose camera or video, then choose one of the 12 special effects – comic boom, sketch up, acquarello, old printer, con tours, neon cola, bleaching, gotham noir, half ton, granny’s paper, pastel perfect, andy pop, etc. The effects are applied to your photo as you make the shot! You can point you camera at a scene and toggle between effects to decide which one to use. The app also permits you to “paper-ize” existing photos from your photo library/camera roll. There have been a few updates since I originally reviewed the app. It looks like there are several in-app purchases and the developers haveĀ introduced an optional subscription service. Try the app while it’s free then decide if you want more features or to subscribe.

This app could be used in a variety of educational settings. Video your kids using the cartoon mode – instant cartoon! Add special effects to digital artwork. Create invitations using the andy mode. Make posters using the hope mode. The list goes on… get creative!

Paper Camera - JFDP Labs Limited


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