Use Your Handwriting GOLD

Use yourUse Your Handwriting

FREE for a limited time… a “productivity” app called Use Your Handwriting GOLD. This app normally sells for $9.99 and it has LOTS of potential for classroom/kid use! You can use your finger to write notes, messages, lists, etc. on your device (iPhone/iPad) screen. You can choose 5 different styles of writing in 22 different colors – there is even a rainbow option! Notes, lists, etc. are saved into categories – which you set. This app is great for kids because writing is not confined to a limited space – the app will move the writing to the left so a line can be completed. After “done” is tapped, the app shrinks the writing and adds it to the area above!

There are SO many uses for this app. Kids could use this app to take notes in class – choosing different color for each subject. They could write poetry in color! Teachers could have their students use this app to create exit slips. Or, students could use the app to take notes, respond to what they’ve read, etc. Younger students could practice their cursive writing with this app. Anything created in the app can be emailed/messaged to the teacher. At home, your kids can use the app to write thank you notes to grandparents which can be delivered via email or MMS. And the BEST part of this app is that it preserves the child’s drawings & handwriting! VERY cool!!

Use Your Handwriting GOLD - Gee Whiz Stuff


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