Cursive Writing HD

FREE again – Cursive Writing HD normally sells for $.99. This educational app shows kids how to write letters and words in cursive. In the abc mode, both upper case and lower case letters are taught. Kids are shown how to trace each letter using the proper stroke sequence. This section of the app is very well-done.

In the word mode, kids are shown how letters combine to form 144 words. Or, they can type in their own words which are converted to cursive – a great idea. BUT, the two modes are not consistent in their teachings. In the word mode,  the lower case o and b are very loopy, the lower case p loses its loop below the line, and the lower case e is formed differently. Most upper case letters are written differently than they were taught in the abc mode. The abc mode teaches that fifteen lower case letters begin on the base line but the word mode does not show words starting with those letters beginning on the base line. If you choose to use the word mode, make sure kids understand the differences.

Cursive Writing HD - Jiwoo Studio


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