Toontastic is now 100% FREE! Launchpad Toys has joined Google to create even more amazing tools for kids. To celebrate, every playset and feature has been unlocked for kids to create their own adventures.


Parents and teachers love Toontastic and kids can’t stop creating! Named by the NY Times as one of Top Ten iPad educational apps of 2011, Toontastic is a fabulously creative app for kids that is now 100% FREE! Kids can draw, animate and share their own cartoons using this educational app. To create their storyline, kids use a “story arc” which includes a scene, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution. The app includes fifty scenes (North Pole, Dr. Crankenstein’s Lab, The Pawspital, Pirate’s Cove, etc.) to spark kids’ imaginations. They can use backgrounds and characters from the app or they can create their own backgrounds and characters with the drawing tools that are provided. Over fourteen million cartoons have been created in 200+ countries. Unleash your child’s creativity with this great educational app!!

Here is a link to more information: Toontastic: Play, Create, Learn on the iPad!.

The possibilities for creating stories with this educational app are endless. A child’s work can be shared with parents, grandparents, other classes, etc. Toontastic = fantastic!!

Toontastic - Launchpad Toys

Toontastic Jr. Pirates

Toontastic Jr. Pirates is also FREE. This storytelling app, from the creators of Toontastic, has kids creating their own pirate cartoons. They start by choosing a beginning, middle, and ending for their story. Then they add animation  by moving the characters and recording their voices at the same time. The educational app features twelve story starter videos and a cast of characters to get kids started. If kids would like to create a story with friends or family, they can utilize StoryShare, a new feature in Toontastic Jr. which is very cool! It enables kids to talk & create stories with friends or family anywhere in the world! Yo, ho, ho… how fun is that??

Toontastic Jr. Pirates - for iPad - Launchpad Toys


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