Scribble Press

On sale for $1.99 – Scribble Press is one of the best kids’ writing apps for the iPad. This educational app helps kids to “imagine, create and publish” their stories. Kids can begin with one of the 50 story templates available within the app or they can write an original story.  You can create your own drawings using the 500+ markers, stamps, and stickers in this app. You can also take your own photos or upload existing photos/art for your story. With all of that flexibility the sky is the limit as far as what kids can create – story books, travel journals, cookbooks, nature guides, etc.

After creating the story, kids can customize the cover and add information about the author. Books can be shared in a variety of ways – via email, via Facebook, to the Scribble Press public gallery, or to iBooks to be read and reread later.

Scribble Press - Scribble Press


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