Mathseeds Grade 2 , Grade 1, & Kindergarten


FREE for a limited time – Mathseeds Grade 2, an educational app that provides practice of essential second math skills. The app has three sections: training, timed, and progress. The training section has 81 question sets that cover nine topics: numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication/division, fractions, patterns, shapes, measurement, and chance/data/money. The timed section has five topics (7 levels): addition, subtraction, all topics, words, and question mark – an assortment of questions. Kids can set the timer for 30 seconds, one minute, two minutes, or three minutes. As kids progress through the levels, they collect badges and earn tokens to spend on games in the circus area. The game supports multiple players so it would work well for classrooms with shared devices. Data for each player is collected in the progress area of the app. If you are looking for second grade math practice, check out Mathseeds Grade 2.

Download link:

Also FREE for a limited time:
Mathseeds Grade 1
Mathseeds Kindergarten


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