FREE for a limited time – RefMe, an app that creates citations, bibliographies, and reference lists. Before you can use RefMe, you must register for an account using your email address. Once you’re registered, you are ready to begin. Name your project and choose a formatting style for it. The app has a search option for 6500+ styles or you can choose one of the thirteen most popular styles with a simple click. Once you choose your style, you can start referencing. There are three ways to add your sources: use the device’s camera to scan a book’s barcode, type in the website’s URL, or add the resource manually. The app can reference thirty-five different types of resources such as blog posts, maps, musical scores, pamphlets, etc. It syncs and saves all of your information to You can export your citations into a Word, Bib Tex, and more. Or, you can email them to yourself then copy and paste them into your document. Bibliographies become simple using refMe!

Download link:


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