Endless Alphabet


Once named an Editor’s Choice in the app store, Endless Alphabet is only $2.99 for a limited time. This adorable, interactive app combines learning letter names/sounds with learning vocabulary. The app now features 50+ words. Its initial release only featured 26 words but the developers promised that the app would be truly endless. So, new words are periodically added to the app as it is updated.

Kids tap a letter and a word appears of the screen. Then silly monsters come by and knock it over. Kids work to reconstruct the word with animated, talking letters. To teach the meaning of the word, there is also a short animation included. Words featured include: bellow, cooperate, gargantuan, portrait, quarrel – clearly not words found in the average ABC book. The vocabulary development in this app makes it appropriate for a wide range of kids.

I LOVE this app – it’s silly, fun, and educational. My friend’s grandson learned all the letters and sounds of the alphabet because he loved this app so much. 🙂 It’s super cute!!

Endless Alphabet - Callaway Digital Arts Inc.


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