Sago Mini Road Trip


FREE for a limited time – Sago Mini Road Trip, a darling app for preschoolers. Kids go on a road trip with Jinja the cat. Each adventure begins by answering three questions: where are we going, what do we need to take, and what vehicle will we drive. There are six destinations: a big city, a beach, the mountains, and more. Once kids decide where to go, it’s time to pack their suitcases with the appropriate clothing and items for their chosen destination. Then they get to choose a fun vehicle to drive – a bus, a hot dog, a sporty car, a pickle, etc. I love the conversations that this app would inspire as kids prepare for their trips, especially when they go to pack their bags. Once the car is loaded, off they go. They can stop to wash their vehicle, gas it up, or just to enjoy the sites along the way. This educational app is cute and great for language development!

Download Link:


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