Tiny Hands Raccoon Treehouse

raccoon treehouseFREE for a limited time – the FULL version of Tiny Hands Raccoon Treehouse, an adorable app for 3+ preschoolers. Kids sort, match, and classify items using their shapes, patterns, colors, etc. The app features twelve rooms of everyday objects familiar to children. In the bathroom, kids match shapes to the missing tiles on the wall. In the living room and the playroom, they use logic to put things in place. In the backyard, fruits are picked by color. In the garage, tools are sorted by size. I especially like the kitchen where kids have to place items in the refrigerator or cupboards. The rubber duckie won’t stay in the frig if kids try to put him there. Each room presents a different age-appropriate challenge. The artwork is cute and colorful – sure to be appealing to little ones. Sound effects add to the fun. Kids will love helping the raccoons do their chores! Take advantage of downloading this app today while the FULL version is FREE!

Direct Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tinyhands-raccoon-treehouse/id872578866?mt=8


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