Tiny Hands Connect the Dots

tiny hands dot to dot

The FULL version of Tiny Hands Connect the Dots is now FREE. This app is designed for kids 3+ who are learning numbers and how to count (under 20). There are twelve puzzles with multiple parts. Kids complete each part by connecting the numbered dots in order. The app counts aloud as the numbers are connected. There is also an option to turn the voice off for older children. Completed parts are dragged to build an object. When all parts of the object are connected, the scene is animated. Dot-to-dot puzzles helps kids develop eye-hand coordination and visual perception. The app’s artwork is cute and colorful – sure to appeal to little ones. Sound effects add to the fun. My kids would have loved this app because they liked connecting dots and predicting what would appear. Take advantage of downloading this app today while the FULL version is FREE!

Direct Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tinyhands-connect-dots-full/id957328778?mt=8


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