Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World AtlasOn sale for $.99, its lowest price this year – Barefoot World Atlas. This educational app has been downloaded over 4 million times and was selected by Apple as one of the “10 best apps ever” for the 5th anniversary of the App Store.

Barefoot World Atlas features a 3D interactive globe that invites children to explore and learn about the countries and regions of our world.  The app is beautifully designed with wonderful animated illustrations by artist David Dean. The narration is done by geographer Nick Crane from BBC television. In addition to learning about the continents and oceans, kids will learn about Earth’s people, wildlife, landmarks, natural features, famous buildings, and other interesting things. This app is very engaging – there is so much to discover & learn! Kids of all ages will get lost for hours as they spin, zoom, and fly around the globe to learn about our planet. VERY cool!!

Barefoot World Atlas - Touch Press


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