Sight Word Sentence Builder

sight word sentencesFREE for a limited time – Sight Word Sentence Builder. This app has kids building sentences using the Dolch sight words. Learning sight words is an important component of early reading. Being able to automatically recognize sight words improves a child’s reading fluency. Kids start by choosing one of three themes – classic, little princess, or train. The app has four levels of difficulty. Each level contains simple sentences that are constructed from sight words. After listening to a sentence, kids click and drag words to build that sentence. There is an option to have the sentence repeated if needed. There is also an option to turn off the audio so that kids can try to construct the sentences on their own. These options make the app suitable for multiple levels of kids. The app tracks a child’s levels, scores, and the amount of time played over a seven day and thirty day period of time. It does not have an option for multiple players so the app would have to be reset before using it with a second player. Check it out for your beginning reader!

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