Audubon Birds is FREE!!

Two million downloads and counting… Audubon mobile field guides are exceptional. These guides are developed by Green Mountain Digital in alliance with the National Audubon Society. 8% of every sale goes directly to Audubon to support its mission to conserve and protect nature’s at-risk birds and wildlife.

Each guide features descriptions of hundreds of species, thousands of photographs, detailed range maps, multiple search options, and the option to create a Personal Nature Account and/or join the NatureShare community.

audubonAudubon Birds features 821 species of North American birds. It also includes over 3,200 images and 8 hours of bird sounds. If you are a bird watcher, you don’t want to miss downloading this fabulous guide!!

Download link:

Other field guides are $4.99.

Audubon Trees features 728 species of North American trees. It also includes over 3,000 images. Download link:

Audubon Insects and Spiders features 507 species of North American insects & spiders. Download link:

Audubon Wildflowers identifies over 1,703 species of North American Wildflowers. It also includes over 3,000 images. Download link:

Audubon Reptiles and Amphibians identifies 437 species of North American reptiles and amphibians. It also includes fifty-nine frog and toad sounds. Download link:

Audubon Butterflies features 627 butterflies of the United States and Canada. Download link:

Audubon Mushrooms covers 570 common species of North American mushrooms, other fungi and slime molds. Download link:

Audubon Mammals features information on 273 species on North American mammals. The app also includes 575 photographs with zoom-in capability and fifty mammal sounds. Download link:

Audubon Fishes features information about 675 species of North American fish. Download link:



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