Toca Tailor Fairy Tales & Toca Tailor


FREE again for iPhone/iPad, Toca Tailor Fairy Tales has kids designing and tailoring clothes for two fairy tale characters. With a tap, the style of clothing can be changed. The length of the sleeves, pants, etc. is easily adjusted with a swipe. Kids then choose different colors & prints of fabric or they can create their own fabric using the built-in fabric camera. They can also access and use pictures from the camera roll. There are trims to add – buttons, pockets, etc. Finally, kids choose accessories – hats, scarves, shoes, etc. Kids can take a picture of their finished creations like they can in so many apps. BUT…. in this educational app you can use your own room as a background – how unique! Kids could create their own little elf, take pictures of it all over the house, and write their own “elf-on-a-shelf” story. The possibilities for creative writing using this feature are endless – LOVE it!! Very open-ended & creative for hours of fun!

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales - Toca Boca AB

Also FREE for a limited time – Toca Tailor. Kids can create fun outfits for four additional characters with even more patterns and lots of cool accessories. This app works just like Toca Tailor Fairy Tales. It’s easy to use and lots of fun!

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