Record of Reading

Record of Reading

Record of Reading is a FREE educational app from Clemson University. The app provides an electronic form for running records, an oral reading assessment developed by Marie M. Clay. Teachers need to code and the analyze the child’s reading as they would with a paper/pencil running record. However, there is no need for a calculator because the app has formulas for accuracy and self-corrections embedded within it. The app also records the student’s voice as the teacher is taking the record. When the running record is replayed, the oral reading and the written record are synced.  Running records can be saved and emailed – perfect for sharing with an intervention specialist or for adding to digital portfolios. The latest upgrade includes integration with Dropbox. If you are an elementary school teacher who uses running records, you are going to want to look at this educational app. 🙂

A fabulous tool for elementary teachers – thank you Clemson University!

Record of Reading - Clemson University


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