Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

Thomas Edison's Secret LabFREE for a limited time – Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab, an app based on The Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab show which can be viewed on select PBS stations, Netflix and the Kid Genius channel on Comcast Xfinity. The Secret Lab Kids want to show elementary students (ages 5 – 9) that science is fun. The app has five areas to explore: 1. The Library features an interactive gallery of famous scientists and inventors. Kids will learn about the scientists’ lives as well as what they discovered or invented. Also included are fun facts and quotes. 2. The Theater features six science-themed music videos and six episode clips.  3. In the Secret Lab, kids can play with interactive laboratory equipment and learn about science experiments that they can do at home. 4. In HoloCenter kids can meet the Secret Lab Kids and preview their 3D HoloCards.  5. The Arcade features games: Honey Bee Spree, Kafloooey Ka-Splat, and Von Bolt’s Circuit Switch. This educational app provides a great introduction to some basic science concepts in a way that is appealing to kids. Science IS fun!

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