Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats

kalleyFREE today – Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats, one of USA Today’s Ten Top Kids Apps of 2014! It’s a cute interactive story based on the drawings of a four-year-old girl named Kalley who wants to save her father from commuting to work every day. She invents a machine that she hopes will eliminate their need for money. Then her father can continue to work from home and be with her. Since they couldn’t actually build the machine, Kalley and her father turned her idea into an adorable interactive app which kids will love. It’s full of touchable controls (cranks, sliders, dials, levers, switches, buttons) that put kids in charge. What does they machine do? It smashes, inflates, shrinks, molds, and more. The story has two modes: Read-to-Me which is narrated by Kalley and her dad and Touch-to-Read which reads the words when they are touched. The story also includes many cats – just for fun! Super cute and super creative – not only is this app fun to read but it would also be a great addition to an elementary unit on simple machines.

Direct Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kalleys-machine-plus-cats/id905722643?mt=8


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