CHOMP by Christoph Niemann

CHOMPFREE today – CHOMP by Christoph Niemann – funny video stories for kids, a delightful app for kids of all ages. Christoph Nieman is the creator of Petting Zoo, a fabulous storybook app (see my earlier review for more information). In this new app, he combines his fun, hand-drawn animations with live video. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. A child just looks into the app (like a mirror) to insert his/her face into each scene. Background music plays within the app or the child can record his/her own voice for a variety of silly roles. Kids become ping-pong balls, flying super heroes, spaghetti-slurping dogs, ferocious lions, and more! There are over fifty hand-drawn, animated scenes. This app would be fabulous for storytelling, story writing and/or creating videos with personal messages for family and friends. Don’t miss it – it’s wonderfully fun!

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