Even Monsters Get Sick

This cute, interactive story for the iPad is FREE again. Even Monsters Get Sick is a story written for kids 5+ about a boy and his pet monster. Kids can follow along or read on their own as Harry tries to discover what is wrong with his monster. The artwork is appealing and there are animations on every page. The app tells a cute story with a positive message from the perspective of Harry, the boy. Perfect 😊!

Even Monsters Get Sick - Busy Bee Studios


Toca Store

toca storeToca Store turns your iPhone or iPad into play store for your preschooler and a friend. Within this educational app, your child chooses which items to sell (34 choices), sets prices for the items, invites a friend to shop, counts money, bags the items, etc. It’s a very cute simulation that teaches: taking turns, cooperation, and basic counting. Toca Boca apps are very popular and usually sell for $1.99 – 2.99. Toca Store is FREE today.

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toca-store/id442705759?mt=8&uo=4


Marco Polo Weather

marco polo weatherFREE for a limited time – Marco Polo Weather, an app that teaches young children about the wonderful world of weather. Kids experiment with and learn about nine different weather conditions: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain, thunderstorm, snow, blizzard, tornado, and hurricane. They can also choose four different wind speeds and/or adjust the temperature. As they make changes, they will discover how a change in weather changes their environment. They will also identify how weather affects their daily lives – how they dress, their activities, etc. The app has three characters that respond to the weather choices that are made. Kids can dress them in warm clothes when it’s cold, give them umbrellas when it’s wet, and more. They can also add flowers, birds, a snowman, etc. to a scene and to see how the weather affects them. This app is perfect for early learning classroom because it helps young children learn through discovery and experimentation! No wonder it was an App Store Editors’ Pick in nineteen countries and named as one of the Best of 2014.

Direct Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/marcopolo-weather/id905425870?mt=8


Stage Pro

stage proFREE For a limited time – Stage Pro: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera, a teaching/demonstration tool for students and teachers. Stage Pro uses the iPad camera to display live videos, textbooks, student work, imported PDFs, etc. You can also use images from your photo library or the app’s free backgrounds: whiteboard, blackboard, graph paper, music, ruled, maps. Once your content is displayed, you can: sketch on it, take notes, add labels, etc. There’s even a laser pointer for you to use. Saving your work is easy with Stage Pro. With one click, you can take a screen shot that is saved to your photo library. You can also easily create video recordings with the ability to pause, resume, and/or save. Saved videos can be moved from your photo library into programs such as iMovie. There are so many ways you could use this app for classroom sharing. Pairing Stage Pro with Airplay gives you the flexibility to move around the classroom and get all of your students involved. Save $4.99 and check out Stage Pro while it’s FREE!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stage-pro-interactive-whiteboard/id714477455?mt=8&uo=4


Little Fox Music Box

Old MacDonald

Mr. Fox’s Sound Studio

The Little Fox Music Box, an educational app for 2 – 6-year-olds, is currently FREE. The app has been downloaded over a million times and was featured as Apple’s App of the Week. The artwork design is from Heidi Wittlinger, an Oscar-nominated artist. The app includes 3 children’s songs: Old MacDonald, London Bridge, and Evening Song. Kids can also visit Mr. Fox’s sound studio which is full of 100+ interactive surprises. The app includes a Karaoke mode and it can be switched from English to German. Kids will be delighted with this adorable app!

Little Fox Music Box – Kids songs – Sing along - Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH


Toca Hair Salon 2

Toca Hair 2

22,198 reviews can’t be wrong so you don’t want to miss this one. Toca Hair Salon 2, a creative educational app, is FREE for a limited time. This app is the sequel to the original – Toca Hair Salon. In this app, kids go back into the salon to groom NEW characters. Using the tools in the salon, they cut hair, comb it, curl it, straighten it, make it grow, shave it, color it, etc. Great sound effects are also included in this fantastically fun app. Kids or parents can take a photo of the finished creation and save it to the camera roll. If parents wish, creations may be posted on the Toca Boca Facebook page. The developers have also built-in options to turn off sounds, pictures, and news. What a great springboard for creative writing – give a character a whole new look and write a story to go with it. Use this app to inspire creative writing on Wacky Hair Day!!

Toca Hair Salon 2 - Toca Boca AB


Nighty Night

nighty night

Over 4 million downloads and counting… Nighty Night was recently updated and is FREE again for a limited time. This interactive bedtime app (for kids 1 – 4) has it all – cute animals, sleepy lullaby music, great narration, and fabulous artwork. The artwork is beautifully done by Heidi Wittlinger, an Oscar nominated artist. The story is perfect for your child’s bedtime ritual. Kids help to put 7 sleepy animals to bed by clicking off the lights around the farm thus setting the mood for their own bedtime. 🙂 Six additional animals can be added to the story with in-app purchases. The story can be switched from the winter version to the summer version and it can be changed to 12 different languages – English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. This educational app is really lovely and it has been successful internationally.  It won App of the Year 2011 in the “books category” in Germany & the U.S. It also reached #1 in iPad books in the US, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Australia Switzerland and Austria! Love this app!!

Nighty Night! HD – Bedtime stories – Story book for children - Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH


Monster at the End of This Book


Monster at the End of This Book is on sale for $2.99. If you are a parent/ grandparent of a preschooler, you may already own this book. If so, there is a good chance that you have read it over and over because it is a favorite of many children. If you don’t own it, here is your chance to get it for a reduced price. Sesame Street’s lovable character, Grover, uses a number of inventive ways (ropes, nailed boards, etc.) to prevent readers from getting to a monster hiding at the end of this story. Kids join in the silly fun as they rid of Grover’s roadblocks. This app has won a number of awards: # 1 in Books in the App Store, 2012 Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award – Best Preschool App, one of Babble’s 50 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids of 2011, and 2011 Children’s Technology Review, Editor’s Choice Award. Silly fun for your little ones – a GREAT educational app!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monster-at-end-this-book…starring/id409467802?mt=8&uo=4


Grandpa’s Workshop

FREE for a limited time – Grandpa’s Workshop, an adorable educational app for preschoolers. Kids join dancing grandpa in his workshop. There they play 7 educational games such as Puzzle Fix-Up and Paint the Project. They also watch short videos of real tools in action. Kids will love helping grandpa build and they will be learning in the process. The games address the concepts of colors, numbers (1 -12), fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/3), spatial relationships, measuring, observation skills, and vocabulary. I love this app because it seamlessly integrates important educational content into fun games. And, little ones will learn how things work. I especially like the when Grandpa asks for a high-five – so cute!

Highly recommended!

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/grandpas-workshop/id555310530?mt=8&uo=4


Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats

FREE For a limited time – Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats. The Millie books feature a cute, lovable dog named Millie that kids LOVE! If you own the other two ebooks: Meet Millie and Millie and the Lost Key, you will want this volume too. The book presents a series of silly tricks and treats featuring Millie – nothing scary for little ones. Every time you read it, the randomly generated video clips change so the book is always different.There is also scratch-off picture & hidden sticker on every page. Love this series!

Highly recommended!

Millie's Book of Tricks and Treats - Megapops LLC